Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

life before was confusing, stressful, I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't know, basically, who I was. I am a mom and it's who I'm always going to be now and I love it, said MacIntyre.

new roles as parents.

are just so many topics that fit nicely with the curriculum, said Reiter.

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Rachel Reiter, the teacher in charge of the program, said the idea is to try to get students back to school after having a baby, while not separating their academic lives from their Adidas Energy Boost 2 M Running Shoes Review

Reiter said part of the aim of this program is to get students to come in before their baby is born and to come back as soon as they feel they're ready.

She said if not for this program, she'd probably be back in a regular classroom with Azaliah in daycare.

She said the curriculum also allows the students to talk about attachment, nutrition, and brain development.

here with me. We can work together. I can watch her grow just like I wanted to, and she can physically see me doing my work. She knows it's important to me, said MacIntyre, 16.

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Reiter said too often teen parents will lose touch with school when they have a baby and become for a couple of years.

´╗┐Babies in the classroom

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

not on a full time basis. I have a student who has a very young child and she comes when she can, depending on the baby's schedule and what that allows, said Reiter.

don't come from a background knowing how to parent, so if we can change that by giving them that foundation, we hope to set them up for success later on in life, said

She said it's also a social support for the students, who find themselves in different circumstances than many of their contemporaries. She said in the PFLC, the students also interact with mothers from the community who aren't part of the program.

would have struggled because I would have been (wondering) what is she doing, what is she up to, who is watching out for her, are they watching out for her they way I would have, said MacIntyre.

MacIntyre Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray would have been in Grade 11 if she hadn't dropped out in Grade 9, not long after she found out she was pregnant. She said she saw this program as a good way to start catching up and not be separated from her child. She said worry that she would spend too much time apart from Azaliah has been a big issue as she tries to complete her high school diploma in hopes of going on to become an early childhood educator.

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

The PFLC plays a big role in the program, essentially acting as the main classroom said Reiter. She said it gives the parents a friendly and inviting place to interact with their kids, and can provide them a break when they need to focus on their schoolwork without taking the kids out of the equation.

run by the government to help kids transition into a school environment.

The mother and daughter are part of a pilot program being run by the Algoma District School Board for teen moms and dads.

Not only that, but MacIntyre said she also had a hard time picturing herself back in school kids whose only concern is where's the next party or does my Adidas Energy Boost 2.0 Esm Black

She said Algoma district has a high rate of teen pregnancy, and she said many of the teen moms and dads are children of teen parents themselves. She said the pilot program is trying to break that cycle through education.

Reiter mixes traditional academics with practical coursework like foods, which teaches how to cook, how to budget, and how to plan age appropriate meals for their children.

want her first three years to be with me, not with anybody else, said MacIntyre.

Reiter proposed the idea to the board, which got funding to do a year long pilot project that is now underway.

How fast they complete the credits is up to the students, but Reiter said they can earn up to a full eight credits a year if they want.

What's different about this program is that the kids come along too, and not just in an on site daycare, but actually in the classroom with their parents.

hair look good. said being in a classroom with students who are in similar situations has helped her start to fit into her role as a mother.

The classes take place at Etienne Brule Public School, which also has a Parenting and Family Literacy Centre, a free program Adidas Harden 1 Release Date

So is her 13 month old daughter, Azaliah.

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Two months in, Reiter has a class of 16 students, three of them fathers, who have children ranging from two months to two and a half years old. The students range in age from 15 19 and are each required to take two credits at a time.

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops In Gray

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