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(Because of the project) I found myself more and more drawn in to programs like "Nova." It fascinates me what we are discovering now.

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Q: What does dark matter mean to you?

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It allows the public to have an easier way of grasping what it could be. It makes it more accessible. It's one more way to communicate.

Twenty two artists had Gold Adidas High Tops Wings a chance to explore the Adidas Duramo Trail Shoes Review

Q: Is science a work of art?

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Q: Why should we care about dark matter?

Dick Termes: "Dark matter is detectable, so far, only through its interaction with gravity. The planets in this piece (titled "Push Not Pull") play with Einstein theory of gravity, which describes how objects with mass can curve and warp space itself. Dark matter . warp(s) space in the same way."

to the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, and their artwork is on exhibit now at Augustana College.

A: As an artist, it draws me in. There's more to Adidas Duramo Cross X

Answer: Probably not. I have an interest in botany, though, and I worked as a landscaper.

A: Beyond the fact that it comprises much of the universe, it will explain why the earth is where it's at, why the universe keeps expanding. Why life is possible. It will change our understanding of science as we know it.

life than what we can see.

Without art, math and science don't work. Art can visualize and see things where science and math don't consider. All three together makes for a well rounded outlook.

Question: Were you a good science student when you were in school?

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(Photo: Dick Termes)NASA is much more certain of what it is not than what it is. First of all, it is not something we can see, like stars and planets; nor is it a black hole or dark clouds.

´╗┐Augustana exhibit explores scientific form

A: Our artwork is a nice rug when you walk in the house of dark matter.

We try to depict what we think we see. (Scientists and artists) both have abstract ideas; we both want to find ways to illustrate it.

A: You could say that. Art and science and math we don't often consider them together.

The search for dark matter is one of the last bastions we are about to cross.

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meaning of dark matter using a variety of media including painting, sculpture and printmaking after a visit Adidas Duramo 6 W Womens Running Shoes

Q: How does science interact with art?

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