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At the end of the lengthy debate it was decided the fire services will continue to monitor the situation this year and report its statistics back to council in the fall and await further direction.

Since the debate has been raised in the media, a Facebook petition has been launched, aimed at Ward 2 Coun. Susan Myers, city council and fire services.

Follow up investigation is done the next business day.

The pits, or fire bowls, as they're sometimes called, have also been the subject of complaints

But the information on the site is Human Race Nmd For Sale Ebay

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

At least that's the perception of several city councillors.

While gas grills are more the norm now, the popularity of outdoor fire pits have offered consumers a different opportunity of enjoying their own backyard during summer nights.

not completely accurate.

annual spring temporary ban on open air burning due to the spring melt and dry grass conditions.

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About half the offenders don't have proper open air burning permits.

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

from operators' neighbours who don't like the billowing smoke in their backyards or wafting into their homes.

a website that allows users to create and circulate petitions online.

Enter social media:

What will become the real issue in the fall when city council revisits the issue is how many times fire services had to respond to complaint calls.

The overview states that Myers put forth the request to ban yard fires.

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

In reality, Myers only made the suggestion, based on the complaints she's received from constituents last season.

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The Facebook posting is through Care2, Harden 1 Grey

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

The petition is opposed to an open fire prohibition and its goal is to seek 3,000 signatures of support.

A report to council last week showed a high number of complaints about nuisance smoke that city firefighters respond to annually.

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

While the city's fire services is attempting to make changes and further restrictions on its policy, educating public and better enforcement, the suggestion was raised that council should consider passing a bylaw that would prohibit Adidas Harden Dark Ops all open air burning.

The overview also states that fire services has stopped backyard fires while they review the current policy.

Since the last council meeting, the fire services has put its Adidas Duramo Women's

The ban is totally unrelated to the council meeting or the discussion held there.

The costs involved in the complaint calls are a real sore point with councillors, something penny pinching elected officials will be weighing heavily on at the next debate.

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

In reality, they are reviewing the policy and making changes council approved last week, but the ban placed on outdoor fires is held annually each spring to help prevent grass fires.

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

´╗┐Backyard fires become a burning issue in Sault

A complaint call is responded to with a fire truck and four firefighters, as required by provincial legislation.

Adidas Harden Dark Ops

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