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Answer no but if we don we carry on along with Wolves Harden Adidas Boost

"I have been to Stoke a few times and I know what it takes to win so I was just glad we were winning and I was delighted for the three points.

"I think today guys who are watching and writing about Adidas Energy Boost 3 Mens Sale

Meanwhile, Morrison said sorry for directing a defiant gesture at home fans after his first half goal opened the scoring.

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The problem with the Crouch incident is that he can approach someone from behind and simply do what he did Adidas Harden Vol 1 Pioneer

Baggies keeper Ben Foster revealed Olsson had not even mentioned the incident to team mates while goalscorer James Morrison apologised for an angry gesture towards Potters fans.

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´╗┐Baggies keep cool while the fans fume Express Star

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"There is always someone who has got a hold here or a shove there.

Replays seemed to show Crouch put his fingers towards Olsson's right eye after the pair had argued over a Stoke penalty appeal.

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3 Cyril.

But Foster, who spoke to reporters after his second half penalty save, said: "Jonas hasn't mentioned anything about it and I didn't see a thing, so I can't really comment."

"I'm sure it was just a way of celebrating."

And boss Roy Hodgson added: "I'm afraid in penalty area situations these days you could almost prove anything you want to prove with TV replays.

9 Glenn.

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We all know your last statement is peeing in the wind. Why because Crouch is a media luvvie and Olsson plays for little old Albion.

"I thought the referee and his assistants were very good because they officiated the game very fairly and adopted a sensible line.

"I don't think any referee would be capable of seeing everything that goes on."

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West Brom today played down two flashpoints in their historic win at Stoke after Baggies fans were left fuming at Potters striker Peter Crouch.

Answer no, it pathetic behaviour and is killing British football but if our players don do it we will get no decisions from refs that always take the easy option.

Do we want Jonas to go down holding his eye and rolling round on the floor to get a decision?

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Nmd Human Race Retail

and Wigan being the ref whipping boys.

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"They cut out as much of the pushing, shoving and holding as they could.

"I didn't mean anything by it. In the heat of the moment when you score it takes you over and if anyone was upset I apologise for it."

Hodgson added: "That gesture could be interpreted in Nmd Human Race Retail a thousand ways.

Nmd Human Race Retail

when the officials weren looking.

Supporters bombarded social networking websites to complain after TV cameras appeared to spot Crouch attempting to poke Albion's Jonas Olsson in the eye. But

I interested that you seem to have a downer on PO but want to swap him for Zamora. Zamora has been a victim of the boo boys at Fulham do you think our equivalent section of fans will leave him alone?

Do we want our Manager whinging on after every game about how hard done by we are?

it have so much good they can talk about, so many interesting things they can say without starting looking for imaginary gestures.

He said: "It was a little bit 'heat of the moment' and I didn't mean anything by it.

I agree with your criticism of Roy on this issue, he too nice a bloke for our own good.

Like i just answered No 1 it a bit of a conundrum ain it.

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