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There a tendency to look down on call centres and the jobs they offer. That same attitude probably applies to their apprenticeship programs: training someone to help people who can figure out how to run their computers might seem less weighty than training someone to wire a house.

Cutting the credit is a quick and easy way to fix the problem. But surely there are others.

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´╗┐Bad call on call centre training

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two or three years. And the ministry that registers apprentices is not responsible for compliance or enforcement.

For call centres, with much less capital investment, relocating to a place that offers a better deal can be almost as easy as unplugging a bunch of computers.

Perhaps some call centres are achieving rates much higher than 10 per cent and are doing things that others could emulate.

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There no question that the tax credit program for training at call centres is broken. What at issue is how it should be fixed, Red Adidas Hi Top Shoes or even if it should be fixed at all.

Centres employ an estimated 8,000 in Northern Ontario. North Bay Mayor Al McDonald has pegged the number of jobs at stake because of the tax credit cut at 2,000 across the north, although it not clear how that figure was calculated.

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As well, employers can claim credits for up to four years even though IT apprenticeships are supposed to last just Pioneer Harden 1

The province could adjust the program, placing limits on the amount or duration of the credit. It could build in or beef up an enforcement component and designate someone in government to do the enforcing.

are an anchor for youth retention in the North and provide career opportunities for many, including our marginalized population, the northern mayors wrote to Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The credit is to be eliminated for three types of call centre agents: technical support, inside sales and customer care.

Mayors of southern Ontario cities with call centres have made similar protests.

The program was introduced in 2004 to encourage businesses to hire and train apprentices. About 120,000 are registered in a variety of trades. Employers get a Adidas Hi Tops Blue

Simply chopping the credit removes an incentive for centres to remain in cities that badly need them. That and other deals attracted call centres at a time when jobless rates were very high in Northern Ontario cities.

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Typical provincial program glitches.

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In its recent budget the provincial government has moved to abolish the tax credit for some training programs at call centres, also referred to as contact centres.

So it appears that provincial budget revenue generation measure comes at potentially a high cost, particularly in the small and northern cities that need call centres the most. And if any call centre employees that lose their jobs can find others, a distinct possibility in our depressed economy, that will mean increased costs to the province in terms of social programs, welfare assistance and, ironically, job training.

It could consult with call centres, such as Sutherland Global Services, a mainstay of the industry in the Sault and elsewhere in the province, to find ways to boost the completion rate for apprenticeships.

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The government served notice in its 2012 budget that it would review the apprenticeship tax credit program. This year it made good on that promise, or threat.

The tax credit is used mainly by large employers to staff call centres, another ministry spokesman told The Record in Waterloo.

The Windsor Star.

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Trouble is, while the average completion rate for all Ontario apprenticeship programs is 50 per cent, the figure for call centre programs is just 10 per cent.

35 45 per cent refundable tax credit on wages paid to those employees.

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But the president of a Toronto company that provides online training for contact centre operators says the threat that those jobs could leave the country is very real.

the incentive goes away, the contact centres will be offshored, said Ken Kavanagh, president of Orion Learning Services, in an interview. or abroad.

Call centres receive tax credits under the province Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit program for training their employees.

Of course, that assuming call centres haven packed up their very portable shops and are no longer paying provincial taxes, in which case it might actually cost revenue.

The province expects this will save $45 million in 2014 15 in foregone revenue.

Sault Ste. Marie Mayor Debbie Amaroso, fearing that losing that financial incentive might induce this city call centres to pack up and move to the United States, has joined five other Northern Ontario mayors in asking the province to reconsider.

completion among the call centre trades is low and dropout rates are high, a ministry of finance spokesman told Adidas Hi Tops Toddler

But call centres provide jobs to a lot of young people, many of whom have college or university education that has not resulted in the employment they had been led to expect.

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