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"The only time we retrieve weapons is if there is a court order and the judge wants us to take possession or if it's related to a warrant in an underlying crime," he said. The agents wanted instead to focus their Adidas Eqt Boost Sizing

But McCabe said her office has continued to send the letters, including as recently as Adidas Energy Boost Navy

a whistleblower in the botched Justice Department Fast and Furious gun walking operation, said one of ATF's duties is to collect guns from people who fail the background checks, "but because of the rift with the federal prosecutors in Reno, there are no agents there to retrieve those weapons Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops and there would be no hope of prosecution if they arrested the person.

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

Since no one at ATF acted on those requests, the guns are likely still on the street and none of the people who bought the guns have faced federal charges related to lying or providing the inaccurate information for their background check or being a felon in possession of a firearm.

"This is a direct threat to public safety," he said. Attorney's office and letting her know the agents were leaving.

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

The Nevada Department of Public Safety, Records and Technology Division, is responsible for background checks on everyone who buys a firearm in Nevada.(Photo: Martha Bellisle/RGJ)Buy PhotoPublish date: Nov. 18, 2012

ATF agents are responsible for taking guns away from people who buy firearms but are later found to have something in their criminal history that prohibits them from owning a weapon. Attorney's office told local ATF agents in a September 2011 letter that they would not prosecute their cases until unnamed "issues" were resolved, most of the agents transferred to new posts.

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

In the past year in Nevada, at least 36 people either lied or gave inaccurate information when they filled out a form to purchase a gun, according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, the agency in charge of conducting background checks. When the department discovered that bogus information, they followed normal procedures and sent letters to the Reno ATF office asking the agents to take back the firearms.

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

´╗┐Attorney rift leaves guns in wrong hands in Northern Nevada

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

Both McCabe and Conmay said they did not contact the ATF San Francisco Field Office to find out whether they were calling in other agents to do the retrievals, but instead assumed they were coming up with a back up plan for Reno. A message sent to the Department of Justice seeking comment was not returned.

Chief Patrick Conmay, head of the records and technology division, defended the agency's actions, saying they were doing their part and the rest was up to ATF.

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

McCabe said the department of public safety notifies local law enforcement agencies when they send the retrieval requests to ATF just to let them know that a person out there had a gun but isn't supposed to have it.

attention on their expertise undercover operations targeting firearms trafficking.

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

Washoe County Assistant Sheriff Marshall Emerson confirmed that his agency receives information from "a myriad" of sources about people who may possess a weapon illegally. But he said they do not retrieve weapons based on a gun shop sale and a failed background check.

"It's our policy to notify ATF and it's up to ATF to decide how to do the retrievals," Conmay said. "We're making the notifications that are required. They're going to have to answer to how they're handling this."

More than three dozen people in Northern Nevada purchased firearms and kept them despite failing their background checks because the Reno office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives no longer has agents to retrieve those weapons, a Reno Gazette Journal investigation found.

"It's our procedure," she said.

The RGJ requested copies of the ATF retrieval letters to check the names against court records and to see if the buyers committed crimes using these guns, but public safety officials would not release the names or documents, saying FBI security policy prohibits the release of criminal histories or personal information.

ATF Special Agent Vince Cefalu, Adidas Energy Boost 2 Esm

this month.

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

Adidas Shoes For Kids High Tops

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