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going to just do it on our own, said Pyke. should we be part of a criminal organization because that's what I feel they've turned into with all of their deficiencies. suggest that all future communications about these and other band related matters be directed to the Grand Chief and Council of Akwesasne for their review and action, said Rodecki in the letter.

´╗┐away group told to work with MCA

"We are the original stakeholders in Turtle Island which is North Adidas Harden 2017

America, said Pyke. why not go back to where we should be with our traditional government where we should be. That's the true government for the people of Akwesasne. It's not an elected council. said what they tried to do was to get MCA to be more accountable and show more transparency, and they "haven't done that."

The release from Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black MCA also included a number of steps necessary for a new band to be formed, which Pyke said they had completed most of.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

departmental policy, but it is not legislation. The Indian Act is legislation. Pyke said they were following the Indian Act Section 17.1b in their efforts to separate.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

the conditions for strong, healthy and sustainable First Nation communities is a priority for our Government. Under section 17 Adidas Duramo 6 Women's Running Shoes Black/Blue

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

MCA said it has not yet received any information on plans to form a new or separate band office in any official manner.

Even though the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne has said the formation of a new band doesn't meet the proper criteria, the small group wanting to separate Band 59 from MCA said it isn't concerned.

fine, we're going to do it anyway, said Pyke.

can't people who are involved in land disputes sit down together and try to come to a common ground. Why do you need a government to come in and say you are going to do it this way or that way, said Pyke. need people to sit together to discuss it. It's hurt a lot of families. If there's a way to resolve it, that's the way it should go. said she was told by the Ministry of Indian Affairs land disputes were the jurisdiction of MCA, while MCA told her it was up to the government.

of the Indian Act groups can request to be amalgamated or to constitute new bands. While the federal government is available to provide information, individuals or groups seeking amalgamation must first work with their leadership and agree on the way forward.

(the list) is not legislation, she said. probably Harden Adidas Vol 1

the federal government will not recognize us, we won't recognize them, said Beverly Pyke, spokesman for the group. Pyke said the group had already approached AANDC for funding to establish an off reservation office and was denied.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

Another issue the group is trying to deal with is the land disputes. Rodecki again referred them back to MCA.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

Pyke also said they were not going to ask MCA for permission to make Band 59 a separate entity.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

Erica Meeks, Press Secretary to Minister Bernard Valcourt, agreed the mandate of AANDC was to provide information on the process of amalgamating or separating and provided this quote via email from the office of the Minister of AANDC.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

In a press release, MCA again reiterated it was the governing body of Akwesasne's northern portions, according to the Akwesasne Election Law voted on and enacted by the community. According to the release, AANDC would need to recognize any entity as a First Nations government in order to receive federal recognition.

Pyke said the group wasn't concerned that the federal government might not recognize them officially as a separate band because have alternative ideas.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

Included with the release was a letter sent to Pyke from Sophie Rodecki, Director, Lands and Economic Development for AANDC Ontario Region, which states a formal request to divide the reserve must be submitted along with a resolution from MCA agreeing with the separation.

Adidas Duramo 6 Leather Mens Black

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