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and behaving like its a war zone," he wrote.

The letter, sent out on behalf of central west mail operations manager Peter King, advises that "following a serious incident on Monday, April 22, 2013 between residents in your street and your local Postal Delivery Officer, daily mail deliveries to this area have been put at risk".

"There needs to be serious action here and clearly some people should loose (sic) the privilege of having public housing allocated to them."

He pointed to a mark on his car one of the rocks had made upon impact.

Adidas Energy Boost Review Women's

there is another similar incident.

Adidas Energy Boost Review Women's

Adidas Energy Boost Review Women's

He said many people without transport and those who had to care for other family members would be the most disadvantaged if they had to pick up their mail from the post office instead of having it delivered.

Outraged Dubbo residents also took to the Daily Liberal website to have their say on the issue, with many backing Australia Post's stance.

"The kids just run this town now," one resident told the Daily Liberal, shaking his head and walking off in disgust.

Adidas Energy Boost Review Women's

Adidas Energy Boost Review Women's

One Leavers Street resident said he was angered but not surprised by the incident, because he had seen children throwing rocks at houses and cars countless times in his street.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said the damage to his car was one thing, but he Adidas Energy Boost Review Women's was more concerned about what might have happened.

"If it's too dangerous then stop delivering. Once again the majority of law abiding citizens suffer due to a very small minority. Maybe the sheriff should deliver the mail, by way of court appearance notices for these young hoodlums," another contributor wrote.

But the residents' anger was not directed at Australia Post, rather, the kids responsible for the attack and their parents who "were not taking responsibility for their children".

The letter then warned residents that mail would be taken to the West Dubbo post office for collection if there were any more incidents that threatened the safety of posties in the area.

"The sad fact is 90% of Dubbo residents have no idea how bad it's getting in Adidas Duramo Black Orange

"This is not the first time the police have been called here for kids throwing rocks.

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"Where is the discipline? I am fed up with innocent people having to cop this. They are my concern."

"What if it was an old man or an old lady driving, or there had been a car coming in the other direction?" he said.

this area because they are lucky enough to live in the good areas of the city.

Meanwhile police were called to Leavers Street yesterday afternoon after rocks had been thrown at a car while it drove around the area in question.

´╗┐Australia Post threatens to end deliveries

SOME Dubbo residents are furious their mail delivery service is "at risk" because a postie was attacked in a local street.

It says "objects were thrown at the postie while she performed deliveries to Leavers Street, which presents an unacceptable environment in which to work. Safety of our employees is paramount and Australia Post will not put our postie at risk under any circumstances".

Source: Daily Liberal

"Good on Australia Post for standing up to the hoodlums," wrote one.

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Residents in Coolabah, O'Donnell, Leavers, Alcheringa and Illoura streets and Crum Avenue received letters from Australia Post warning they may need to pick up their mail from the post office if Adidas Duramo 6 Runner

The driver said he had heard several loud bangs while driving in the street and realised a group of about ten children aged between about eight and twelve were hurling rocks at him.

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Adidas Energy Boost Review Women's

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"A car can be replaced. A human life can't.

"There were probably 2 dozen little scumbags Harden 1 Black Ops

Cr Shields also wrote that he witnessed the house the children went into and, as a result, would write to Housing NSW.

Dubbo City Councillor Ben Shields used his Facebook page to draw attention to the issue after he had witnessed children throwing stones at a car in Wattle Street yesterday while in the area being interviewed about Australia Post's threat.

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According to the letter, the incident reportedly took place on Leavers Street. But witnesses told the Daily Liberal they saw rocks being thrown at a postie in O'Donnell Street, which Australia Post has since confirmed was the case. The two streets run into each other.

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